Friday, January 25, 2008

Christian at 12 Weeks

Wow! Our sweet Christian is three months old today!

Although, I guess that depends on how you calculate your months. Twelve divided by four weeks equals three months. But if you go by actual months on the calendar, he won't be three months until February 2.

Anyway .............

Its been an amazing three months, and we've learned a lot. We are so fortuante to have a kiddo that is such a happy-go-lucky kind of baby! We read that on the average, babies cry about three hours a day. Not our little fella. Sure, he cries ... but its pretty infrequent and rarely goes on for long.

Happily, I've been authorized to work from home full time (indefinitely, I suppose). And Jonathan is able to work from home twice a week. Its not always easy for me to take care of Christian and work during the day. But for now, he still sleeps a lot and is able to be self-entertaining when he needs to be.

Christian wakes up once a night for the most part and then eats and goes back to sleep. We know that some babies are totally sleeping through the night by now, but we're happy with the once (sometimes twice) a night feedings. As Jonathan commented, "He's eating five ounces when he wakes up at night." So, we have a hungry, growing baby. Why deny him a little midnight snack? :)

In the pic below, I've placed a dollar bill next to him so you can tell how big he's gotten. When we last weighed him on our scale the other day, he was well-over 13 pounds!!!

We just LOVE our little Christian!


Monday, January 21, 2008

Our Weekend Adventures

Its been a busy couple of weeks for the Luceros. Two weekends ago, we fled frigid Santa Fe for warmer temps in Phoenix. And we learned that even happy-go-lucky babies can only take sitting in a car set for so long during an all-day road trip. If we go to Phoenix again next January, we just might fly and make it a short one-hour trip.

Granny and Grandpa (aka Jonathan's parents) came down this past weekend to visit. We all had a lovely time!