Friday, November 30, 2007

One Month Ago ...

One month ago today, we were blessed to receive little Christian into the world and into our lives. We just love our little guy!

So here's my one month summary:

The c-section has been far easier to recover from than I expected. I still feel some discomfort at the incision and walk a bit funny because of that discomfort. But overall, I'm back to normal.

Christian only gets up twice a night to be changed and fed and then he's back asleep. It works out nicely for all of us.

Overall, we've been adjusting really well. For me, its a bit challenging to have a newborn at home during the day and still try to get my job done. So I get as much done as I can when he's sleeping (ha! They say to "sleep when the baby sleeps" ... not in this house!). Fortunately, Jonathan works from home two days a week now. We try not to bother him during his work day at home, as I know he's busy. But just when I'm really needing another pair of hands, Jonathan appears. WHEW!

One of the biggest things I've experienced in the past month is the vast amount, and variety, of advice out there. Baby book authors have their differing opinions, my own Dr. and his nurse have differing opinions and parents I talk to all have differeing opinions about feedings, pacifiers, how long to let a baby fuss / cry for, etc.

I was talking to my Grandpa the other day who warned me not to spoil the baby. I said, "Oh, the current thought is that you can't spoil a baby." His reply, "OH YES YOU CAN!" I told him that perhaps each generation has their own views on child rearing. Its currently thought that the first three months of a child's life is considered the "fourth trimester" and that you can't hold, cuddle or otherwise tend to a baby too much in the first three months of life.

Speaking of which, Christian is now fussing. I've let him do so for a bit and now its time to step in and reassure him that Mommy is here for him.


25 Years Ago ...

I heard on the news today that its the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson's infamous "Thriller" video. Wow!

There are a few key ingredients to making a person feel old: 1) When your little sister turns 31, 2) When you are on the verge of turning 35 and 3) When your realize its been 25 years since Thriller came out.

I was obsessed with Michael Jackson as a kiddo. I used to claim I could tell when a Michael Jackson song was playing on the radio. I'd turn the radio on and sure enough, there was a Michael Jackson song on. Of course, back then, there was always a Michael Jackson song on the radio somewhere.

I'd cut out his pictures from magazines and put them on the wall in my bedroom. I'd put my tape recorder to the TV speaker or radio when a MJ video or song played. I even had silver socks (ahh, I miss those cool socks!).

25 years later, Michael Jackson has pretty much become a freak ... physically, in personality and lifestyle.

Who would have ever guessed? Certainly not me ... his biggest fan back in the day. When Christian gets old enough, he'll surely laugh that at one time, his mommy thought Michael Jackson was the coolest guy ever.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bella and Christian

One question we get asked a lot is, "How's Bella adjusting to the baby?"
We are thrilled to report that Bella seems to be doing great!!!
She was very hyper with her curiosity when we first brought Christian home over three weeks ago. When we'd carry him around, she'd jump up on us to see what all the fuss was about.

After a couple of days, she calmed down but was still very curious. And she was hanging close to us - especially on the bed at night - as if to show us she's still here and still deserving of our attention.

If Bella is in another part of the house and Christian starts crying, she often comes running to see him. Its very cute!

Overall, she seems to have simply accepted Christian as part of the pack. She has never shown an ounce of hostility towards him. And for that, we are very grateful!


Monday, November 26, 2007

Daddy Buff and His Baby Buff

Christian experienced his inaugural college football game this weekend. Colorado played their biggest rival, Nebraska, and WON!
Ah, my men are so cute! :)