Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How do YOU spend a November day?

Do you spend a November day bundled up in a coat raking leaves outside?

Do you spend a November day inside because its just too cold to be outside?

We remember those days (especially November temps in the teens - or colder - in Santa Fe). They are but a mere memory, though. Here in the Phoenix area, the temps have been in the mid 80s!

On Saturday, we went in search of a farmer's market in a nearby community. Turns out the farmer's market was on a lakeshore! We arrived to blue water, grass and palm trees ... it was like walking into somebody's vacation!

We walked around and enjoyed the sun and warm breezes. Afterwards, we took a drive to the community we hope to move to next year and had some lunch ... and then looked at some model homes. It was a mighty fine day!

Click on this last photo!