Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Biblical Perspective on This Week's Election

I've been tempted to post a political comment or two from time-to-time, but have never done so because #1, I have no idea what I'm talking about and #2, I don't want to get people all riled up.

You may have seen that one of the blogs I have listed on the right side is that of Levi Lusko (
:: better fresh than frozen ::). Levi is a young pastor who has planted a thriving church in Montana. He used to be an assistant pastor at the church where Jonathan and I were married, Calvary Albuquerque. And I've followed him online ever since.

I really like Levi ... he's young and hip and loves the Lord with all his heart. And he tells it like it is. He has posted a Biblical perspective about the elections. And regardless of who you voted for on Tuesday, and regardless of your feelings about our president elect (good, bad or somewhere in between), I invite you to take a few moments to read Levi's post:

Remember: God is in control.