Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Our Travel Adventures

We set out yesterday for Washington state. I have a meeting to attend, and then on Thursday we're traveling up to NW Washington to visit my family.

Overall, the trip went very well ... despite an anxious mommy and daddy who didn't know what to expect when traveling with a baby.

Christian had one diaper blowout, but thankfully we weren't on the plane at the time (and had two backup outfits ready). And we did a successful diaper change on the plane (just a wet diaper - easy!).

He was mildy fussy here and there, but overall he handled everything nicely. Whenever he did fuss, Jonathan and I looked at eachother with horrified looks as if to say, "Oh, no! What do we do now!?!?!?" But it all worked out.

I was surprised by the attention we got having a baby with us. Lots of looks and smiles from passers-by, a few comments by the airline staff. A mom with a baby who approached us in the airport wondering if we knew where to heat up a bottle, a wandering toddler who wanted to see the baby ... people on the plane who sat near us.

On our flight from Denver to Seattle, there were people in the two rows next to us who kept looking over at Christian. He hadn't been crying hysterically or anything and I suspect the noises from his fussiness could only be heard in our immediate vicinity. Because they kept looking over at Christian, I thought for sure they'd end up getting annoyed with him. I kept the words of my boss in mind, "When traveling with a baby, don't worry about what other people think."

All three of us had finally dozed off. When I woke up a few minutes later, the man across the aisle who, for some reason, I thought might be the most annoyed looked at me kindly, smiled, put his thumbs up and motioned to a sleeping Jonathan (who was holding a sleeping Christian), "He did a good job!"

And then when we landed, the couple next to Jonathan commented on how good Christian was. So perhaps the stares we were getting from our plane-mates was just because Christian is so darn-tootin' cute! :)

Stay tuned for updates on our trip!