Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence day, dear readers! We hope you enjoyed a marvelous day celebrating this fabulous country of ours!

We started the day at the annual Verrado 4th of July Bicycle Parade. Kids from across Verrado decorated their bikes, tricycles, Big Wheels, wagons and strollers and paraded around the main square.

We went as parade watchers this year - perhaps next year Christian will be interested in riding his own little bike with the kids!

Christian's ears seem to have grown very sensitive in recent weeks. During our time at the parade - which really wasn't all that noisy - he had his hands covering his ears.

So with that observation, there was no hope that he'd enjoy the fireworks that night. We tried anyway. We arrived at the golf club while it was still light, but there was loud music playing, and he immediately covered his ears. We sat as far from the music as we could, but his ears remained covered.

With the first loud firework that shot into the sky, Christian was instantly distressed. It was a few minutes until the next one went off, and Christian calmed down. But when the next one went up, he'd had his fill of excitment and wanted to go home.

We hurried to the car, hopeful that maybe he'd like to see the show from the safety and quiet of the car ... no such luck. He wanted absolutely nothing to do with the fireworks.

Better luck next year.