Monday, July 21, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have a House!

Jonathan drove his car to Phoenix this weekend, and Christian and I flew out to meet him there so we could find a house.

I was blessed by the kindness of three older men along the way. The first helped me at the security area by collapsing the stroller, putting it through security and putting it together again while I held the baby. The second man helped me get the stroller from one gate to the other after a couple of delays for our flight and a gate change ... Christian was tired and fussy and refused to be put down, so this man's assistance was timely. And the last man was in the seat next to me on the plane and was very kind to Christian and me, and helped me to keep Christian entertained ... and even carried my bag off the plane for me.

The day we arrived it was 113 outside. But, it wasn't too bad. In going from an air conditioned car to an air conditioned building, the intense heat is quite tolearble.

Despite all of my attempts to contact various landlords / property management companies about rentals, I only had one truly responsive home owner, Kuanie. So we drove out to Tartesso Friday night to take a look at the house. We LOVED it from the moment we walked inside. Its 2,600 square feet, with four bedrooms, a large usable loft upstairs and a sitting room in the master bedroom that would be perfect for Christian's crib and changing table. It has really cool carpeting and nice tile in the kitchen and bathrooms, and stainless steel appliances, as well as a washer and dryer upstairs. It has a large, enclosed back yard for Bella and a big covered porch. Beyond the backyard wall are unobstructed views of the nearby White Tank Mountains.

The Road to Tartesso

The Outside of the House

The Front Porch

Views from the Front of the House

Views From Beyond the Backyard Wall

Once we move in, I'll send interior house photos.

There are a couple of parks very close by for Bella's walks and for outings with Christian and I understand the community has a pool, tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, etc. And some of the parks there have "splash pads" which are water area for the kiddos.

There is even a church in this community that we're going to check out. Its within walking distance to our house.

The current plan is for Jonathan to go out the first of August to unload the first of two Pods. Then Christian and I will fly out the following weekend, and Jonathan will drive the car with Bella.

Then the next phase of our adventure will begin: selling the house.