Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Day Out With Thomas

This weekend we drove to Globe, Arizona to spend "A Day Out With Thomas."

A kid's perspective: We got to see a big diesel train, and ride on it, too - and the conductor walked through the train and said hello to all the kids. And we got to see Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt. And they had a big tent with all sorts of Thomas things to buy so we got a t-shirt, bucket, and train whistle.

The parents' perspective: It was a long drive (100 miles each way), and Christian wasn't feeling well, but handled it like a trooper. We bought tickets in advance ($100 for four of us) and arrived just in time to get on the train. It was a big diesel train pulling several passenger cars, and Thomas was at the very back. We couldn't even seen Thomas from where we were.

The train ride was simply a very slow-paced 12 minutes through town (and not a very picturesque ride at that), and then the train reversed and took us back to the station. Afterwards, we got off and tried to see Thomas, but were cut off and told we could walk no further.

So, we made our way to the street and watched Thomas go by as the next train took off with its passengers.

But, the bottom line is Christian had a good time (despite feeling a little under the weather). And that is what's important.

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Peter Piper Pizza

We live five minutes away from a Peter Piper Pizza, and at long last, we decided it was time to visit for the first time.

We weren't sure how Christian would react, as it's a busy, noisy place. But, he loved it! He wasn't frightened by all the activity of the other kids, and he didn't cover his ears from all the noise. A few months ago, he would have begged us to go home.

He surprised us by heading to the arcade area, not caring where we were (we were always with him, of course). He loved seeing all the games and bright lights ... loved watching the other kids run all over the place.

He even wanted to get on the mini merry-go-round. I held his hand the first time and walked with him, but after that, he let go and was happy to do it by himself. And so afterwards, we fetched papa so he could see.

We are so pleased that he's breaking out of his shell and exploring the world!

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys ... and Mommies Will Be Horrified

Today was a very nice day ... the high was 80 degrees, so after Christian's nap, we headed out to the park. But Christian got bored and wanted to walk up the street to "Christian's Mountain." It is a home site at the foot of the mountain where excavation once started, but was abandoned. There are plenty of dirt and rock piles - a dream come try for a little three year old boy.

I was nervous about what might be hiding under all the rocks he was picking up to throw ... spiders, snakes, scorpions. You never know what is lurking in the Arizona desert. One funky-looking spider made an appearance, but that was it.

Ever curious, Christian was picking up everything of interest ... rocks, sticks, dirt. I was walking a few feet ahead of him, and heard him say, "Look, a big stick!" I turned around to see him holding what appeared to be some tubing from the landscaping drip-line. UNTIL I SAW IT MOVE!

Christian had picked up a LIVE SNAKE by its tail and was holding it up high. I was horrified!!! I yelled at him to drop it, which he did ... and rushed over to pick him up. The snake went about its business.

Our saving grace was that it wasn't a rattlesnake - thankfully, those guys make their presence known immediately. I don't know what kind of snake it was - not a clue. But I thank God it wasn't aggressive.

My panicked tone gave Christian quite a scare, which I felt badly about. But, it is a good thing because he needs to be aware that picking up a snake is dangerous. So while we were still in the moment, but the snake was gone, I quietly but very firmly told him that snakes are dangerous.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sitting High

For a while now, Christian has been sitting in a regular chair at dinner. He outgrew the seat we had for him that put him at the level of the table, and we don't have a booster seat.

Tonight, Christian informed us he was going to get his "red pillow" and he got down and walked away. Jonathan and I were confused: #1: What red pillow and #2, why wasn't he wanting one of us to go with him (he usually insists somebody goes with him to get something).

He returned with the red pillow from his bed, put it on his chair and got back in - sitting a couple inches higher.

We were impressed! We've never put anything in his chair to get him up higher, so the idea was his, and his alone.

He sat there for a bit, rather pleased with his accomplishment. After a few minutes, he said, "Get the white pillow." So, he got down ... walked to his room again and returned with a large, white pillow and put it on his chair to get himself even higher up.

What an industrious little lad!!

Wordless Wednesday - March 9, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Glory Be!

Just as we had hoped, Christian used the potty at school ... TWICE!

They even called me the first time it happened to let me know. :)

He went on the potty twice this morning at home, so I was surprised he went twice at school, too. At home, Christian didn't even ask for chocolate ... and when I offered, he wasn't even interested.

So ... maybe the chocolate thing was short-lived? I'd be delighted if that was the case (three year olds certainly don't need a regular dose of chocolate), but the stash of chocolate chips is handy if he ever wants the reward.

So proud of my little guy!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

C H O C O L A T E is a Miracle

Why are these parents so darn tootin' happy?

Because chocolate is a miracle, I tell ya!

Chocolate is a huge motivator around here. This weekend, I asked Christian, "How do you get chocolate?" The answer should have been, "Go pee pee." But, he cracked us up when his answer was, "Open the package." Ah, toddlers ... they are so literal. "Why yes, you open the package to get chocolate. But, to get chocolate you have to go pee pee."

What a difference a week makes. Last weekend was full-force potty training: underwear all the time. A few accidents ...

But all last week, and this weekend, Christian has been a pro at peeing in the red cup ... and even telling us when he needs to go. We haven't had a single accident.

Christian is still wearing pull-ups at bedtimes. Overnight, he's been consistently dry. But, during the day at nap time, he'll usually pee while sleeping - and naptime is when he usually poops. We'll tackle the pooping issue (both at nap time and during waking hours) a bit later down the road.

Today was especially exciting for us. Before the boys headed out to Muffin Monday, I asked Christian if he wanted to pee - assuming he didn't because he'd already peed out everything from overnight. But he said yes, and then said, "Want to pee on the potty!!"

Be still my beating heart ... he ASKED to go pee on the potty. And HE DID! When the boys returned home, he asked again, "Want to go pee pee on the potty." AND HE DID ... AGAIN!

Hopefully doing so today will help him to pee in the potty at school this week.

We couldn't be more pleased with the rapid progress our lil' guy is making!!! And it is all because he's motivated to get those chocolate chips!!!

The nice thing is that the school has started billing us for the preschool classroom that he'll be moving up to once they are satisfied with his level of potty training. And that is almost a full $100 off each month. NICE!