Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hiking Up the North Face

We live a block or so away from the mountain, and so lately the Lucero Men have been going on some nice hikes together.

There are lots of "summits" to conquer and each has its name:  Matterhorn, Christian's Mountain, Neverland Mountain, etc.

Before they go hiking, Jonathan and Christian fill up a backpack with "provisions" so they can have a snack and a drink when they reach the top.

Christian LOVES to go hiking with his Papa and requests those adventures regularly.   And I'm glad they are able to spend time together ... especially now that we are a family of four.  It gives the men something to do without the prissy women of the house being involved. :)

Christian is looking up and admirning the summit from which he just came down.

Christian loves ... LOVES ... dirt!

Christian and his "provisions." :)

Christian made it all the way from our house, to the summit he's sitting on.
I wish I had that much energy!

Quote of the Day

Qoute of the day from Jonathan:
"Christian said, 'Needles are like the cactus on Papa's face,' as he's feeling my goatee."
Ha ha ha ha!!!