Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fare Thee Well to Corporate America

At long last, 16+ years later to be exact, I bid my company “So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night."

I must mention:  the choice was not mine.  My company had been in a downward spiral for many of those 16 years and when a major company transition took place in October, I saw the writing on the wall. 

I was fortunate enough to get several weeks notice, wereas other people in my company were laid off the week before December without any notice.  That same week, I learned I likely would not be employed past February ... and as January progressed, I learned my final day with the company was January 31st. 

I am amused as I look back 16+ years.  When I started with the company, my life was so very different:  I wasn't married (in fact, I was winding down a relationship with a guy who was absolutely no good for me), didn't have kids, I was in college. 

16+ years.  That is a long time to be with one company.  I got three college degrees in that time.  I met my husband ... got married ... had two children, built two homes.  Moved from Albuquerque to Santa Fe to the Phoenix area. 

Many times, I worked long, stressful hours.  I had an annual project that I despised many years ... which brought me to tears many years.  Each year, when in the thick of that project, I vowed I wouldn't be working for that company when the project came around the following year.   And yet, I was still there each year, the recipient of that project.   If you had told me last year that it would be my final year doing that project, I would have laughed (and then thought, "ooh, really???"

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Running, Tumbling ... All Things Gymnastics

Christian is such a little bundle of energy!  We've had him in a six-week gymnastics class with the Town of Buckeye for the past few weeks and then today, it was "Bring a Friend" day at The Little Gym.   It was Christian's third trip to the Little Gym and he loves it so much!  He's got a smile on his face the entire hour!

Of course, Scarlett joins us too and just crawls around exploring everything!

A preview of his six week class on Saturdays.  They don't let parents in the room, so we all gather around the door to the gym and try to catch glimpses of our kiddos!