Saturday, February 23, 2013

Citrus Picking Fun

We discovered a "U Pick It" citrus farm that is relatively close to us.   We had a choice of a variety of oranges, grapefruit and lemons and quickly learned that citrus trees have thorns ... painful thorns.  

It is late in the citrus season, but we came home with a big ol' bag with a huge variety for a mere $20.00!  

We have a lemon tree at home, but are now considering adding a "mini orchard" to our backyard.  Fresh citrus is AWESOME!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Granny and Grandpa Come For a Visit

Our 50th wedding anniversary gift to Granny and Grandpa was to fly them down for a weekend with us (and a surprise party, but more on that later).  We hadn't seen them since last May, so we were all very excited for their visit!
One of their goals was to have Miss Scarlett walking before they left.  And it worked! 

Scarlett got to show Granny how good she's become at shredding paper.


We had a small surprise party for Granny and Grandpa's 50th wedding anniversary, which they celebrated back in December.   My sister, Liz, made this tasty chocolage cake with fondant icing on the outside, and Nutella buttercream icing on the inside.    And Christian sat at the table and secretly ate most of fondant circles which surrounded the cake (he's a sneaky little lad!).

Many thanks to Liz for getting the cake together, our house decorated and food set up while we were out with Lee and Nora.   Liz, you're AWESOME!!!

 A few minutes outside for family pictures.
Mike and Linda Perkins join in on the fun, too!

I think the pic below is pretty cool.  The four of them were just standing there watching the kiddos get their pictures taken.  I liked how evenly spaced they were, and though it would be a fun picture.  Naturally, Nora posed herself when she saw me taking the picture. :) 


I absolutely love this picture of Grandpa and Scarlett. Good lighting ... great smile on Grandpa's face!

One more of Grandpa and his Precious. :)

We are so delighted Granny and Grandpa got to spend the weekend with us.  And we are grateful to them for helping Scarlett learn to walk! :)