Friday, April 25, 2014

Another Tooth Extraction

Today, Christian had another tooth extracted because his adult teeth are coming in faster than his baby teeth are coming out.  There simply isn't enough room in his mouth, and he will definitely be needing braces one day.
I was saddened to hear he had a hard time with today's procedure.  They say he was very scared and really upset.  I had no idea, and I'm certain they didn't come get me because Scarlett was with me.  In fact, the tech suggested that for Christian's comfort, the next time he needs a tooth extraction (and he will - at least two more teeth will need to be pulled eventually), I should be in the room with him and leave Scarlett elsewhere. 
When I walked into the room, his eyes were read and teary and it broke my heart to see he was so upset.  :(
Once Christian got up from the chair, Scarlett climbed right in and said, "My turn!!"  HA!!!   Just like with the haircut the other day, she wanted to do what Christian was doing.
Or it could be that one of her favorite TV shows was on the TV above the chair. :)


Breakfast in the Lucero Household

"Good morning, Scarlett! Would you like cottage cheese or an avocado for breakfast?"

Scarlett: "M&M."

"Christian, would you like a waffle or eggs for breakfast?"

Christian: "Lays."

*sigh* My life is a sitcom! 

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Class Photo

Oh this pic makes me laugh!  Looks like Christian wasn't quite sure when to smile!  :)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Resurrection Sunday!

Happy Resurrection Sunday!!   

And Happy Easter, too!

Yesterday we colored Easter eggs on the back porch.  Of course, at the ripe old age of two, Miss Scarlett isn't into precision or color separation.  In fact, she thought it was pretty cool to put the dye in her hair and across her face - ha!!

This morning we headed to church for the Easter Service.  And afterwards, a delightful Easter breakfast at .... McDonald's (pretty much the only restaurant we can eat at these days, because Scarlett doesn't do well when she has to sit for any length of time.   And sure enough, she was energetic and bouncing all over the place (literally) and Christian was loud (he has no idea how loud his voice is).   Jonathan was amused, I was annoyed.   But the good thing is that McDonald's was pretty slow (surely because 1) Lots of people were still at church and 2) people tend to go eat at Easter buffet's ... not at McDonald's.

We returned home, and Christian was upset because the Easter Bunny had still not arrived.   I tried to explain that the Easter Bunny moves more slowly than Santa Clause because he has to hop everywhere, and Santa has a sleigh. :)  

Auntie Liz was on our way over and I was able to sneak their Easter baskets and goodies to the back porch. So, we planned for her to arrive - and then Jonathan would sneak outside and hid our real eggs, because it was much-too-hot outside to leave the eggs out for any period of time.

So when she arrived, she told Jonathan that as she was driving into our neighborhood,, she saw a huge, white bunny hopping along and assumed it was the Easter Bunny.  Oh boy, Christian was excited!   He immediately headed out back and found their Easter Baskets and fun goodies.