Saturday, August 8, 2009

Another Exciting Milestone!

I vowed that when Christian got the hang of walking, we'd start the potty training process.

So I bought an Elmo potty chair (of course!) and put in in the TV room (unused) so Christian would get used to seeing it. He liked to sit on it, and press Elmo's hand (Elmo says a variety of "encouraging" phrases).

A few days later, I moved it to the bathroom, next to the big toilet, and that's where it has been the past few days.

Tonight during his bath, Christian gave indications that he might be ready to poop. And it happened, so Jonathan took the opportunity to whisk him out of the tub and put him onto his potty chair.

And he just sat there ... perfectly content, pressing Elmo's hand on the seat below him. And happily, when we lifted him up a couple of minutes later, there was a little "present" there for us (and of course, I took pictures!)

The past few weeks have been very exciting around here, and I hope to have a long update posted soon.