Friday, August 13, 2010

What a Kid!

Today's "Special Moment" that Christian's teacher wrote down:

"Christian was teaching a new friend shapes. He would show it to him, and then tell him what it was. So cute!"

What a kid!

Christian has really been getting more interactive with the kids at school, and I'm so pleased! It's also been easier to drop him off this week ... he's much more comfortable with me leaving.

AND ... day six of the new bed, and he's STILL staying in it at bedtime and naptime!! He doesn't get out until I come in the room. Even if he drops a car on the floor while in his bed, he doesn't get out of the bed to fetch it.

This week is just full of surprises! :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Two Years Ago Today ...

Two years ago, today, we left the Land of Enchantment to make The Valley of the Sun our new home.

I somehow thought we'd be visiting Albuquerque / Santa Fe a lot. It's a relatively short drive, and an even shorter flight. But alas, I've only been back to Albuquerque twice since the movie, and not once have I returned to Santa Fe.

Ironically, I have no interest in returning to Santa Fe. Not because I didn't like Santa Fe. On the contrary, because I LOVE Santa Fe! I loved the city, loved our house, loved our view. I loved that our little Prince Charming was born in Santa Fe. In truth, it would just break my heart to visit Santa Fe. It would especially break my heart to drive past our former home. So I may end up avoiding Santa Fe forever.

I miss my friends. And I especially miss the view of the Sandia Mountains. Oh how I love those mountains:

But in the past two years, I've come to love living in the Phoenix area. I love our home and our community and Christian's new school. I love living in the country's fifth largest metro area - it means there's always something to do ... somewhere!

And I love the weather! Yes, it's unbearably hot during the summer and these 110+ days have become too numerous for my taste. It's crazy when I'm watching the 10:00pm news, and its still 104 outside. I will claim, as others do, that you just get used to the eat. Yes, it's true ... but getting used to it doesn't mean a 113 degree days is necessarily pleasant.

When I say I love the weather here, I mean overall. If you've ever been out here in the middle of the winter, you know what I'm talking about.

We're really enjoying our home and have completed lots of projects: three ceiling fans, three rooms painted (including my Tiffany Blue office and our newly-red kitchen!). If we can ever pick a green paint for our bedroom, we'll be painting that room, too. We've planted plants and trees and are in the process of planning what we're going to do to our big ol' backyard. I thrive on the planning and dreaming stage of a project!

Truth be told: I can't think of anywhere I'd rather live!

I was looking at some pics of how Christian looked two years ago. Awww, my baby!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A New Milestone: The Big Kid Bed

As Christian approaches the Big Three, we've been pondering getting him a "big kid bed." While he didn't mind the shrinking confines of his crib, it was obvious that his days in the crib were numbered.

We checked out a couple of furniture stores a couple of weekends ago, but didn't really see anything. So we looked at IKEA on Sunday and VOILA! Christian now has a new bed.

We weren't too sure what he'd think of the new bed, but he didn't really care. I bought him "Cars" sheets, and he was pretty excited about them (which, I later learned, might be a problem since it keeps the movie active in his mind and he wants to watch the movie as soon as he wakes up!).

The first night in his bed (Sunday) was a few hours after returning from our Scottsdale resort adventure, and he'd only had a short nap in the car ... so he was exhausted. I laid down in the bed with him and told him we'd practice pulling the covers up (he loves getting "under the cubbers" in our bed). To our amazement, he slept through the night without incident. We chalked it up to fatigue.

The next day (yesterday) we waited for the real challenge: nap time. Christian still goes down for about four hours after daycare each day. Some days he gets really upset when I put him in his crib and walk out, closing the door behind me. Occasionally he's so angry about it the bangs his head on the wall. It's actually quite comical: I hear a loud bang and then a quiet, "Oww ..." I was prepared for the worst yesterday, but it didn't happen. I shut the door behind me and he stayed in his bed. Took him a while to go to sleep (as it often does), but he stayed in his bed.

This morning (day three), I heard he was awake and went in to get him. He was just sitting up in his bed waiting for me to come in. Surely he know he can easily get down onto the floor, if he'd like. He was doing it the first day the bed was set up. But he's used to having to wait until somebody gets him before he can get out. We'll see how long that lasts!

And right now, he's napping again. He never got out of his bed after I put him down, as far as I can tell.

We've seen enough episodes of "Super Nanny" to know that bedtime can become challenging. But for now, we're just thankful that the transition is going so smoothly!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A "Staycation" in Scottsdale

A "staycation" is the word to describe a vacation where you stay at home and do "vacation things" while at home. We modified the defintion a bit by staying in the Phoenix metro area (Scottsdale) and enjoyed a weekend at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa.

Summer is the slow season for the hospitality industry out here, because it's so blasted hot. So there are some really great deals out there to attract the locals. It was a tough choice, but this particular Hyatt won because they are the only resort to have a sandy beach. And we figured that even if Christian didn't care for the swimming pool itself, he'd enjoy the sand.

However, Christian surprised us! Our first visit to the pool, shortly after checking in, was just supposed to a reconnaissance mission. He walked into the sand, and kept on going into the water - with his clothes on.

We spent as much time at the pool as possible during our stay because Christian LOVED it!

It was a really hot weekend. But, somehow being at a resort makes the obscene temps more tolerable.