Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter 2011

Christian somehow remembers Easter from last year - and how much he loved looking for eggs. This year, he got to hunt for eggs at our town's Easter Egg Hunt. He got to hunt for them at school, and then in our yard.

As Christian would say, "Yay for Easter!"

Additionally, God spoke quite clearly though Christian. You see, we haven't been to church since November. Christian often gets sick a couple of days after going to church, and since it was cold and flu season, we just kind of bypassed church for a while. And then not going to church became our routine.

But yesterday, Christian and I had hair appointments and we drove past our church. Jonathan (who was with Christian in a separate car), tells me that both coming and going, Christian got upset as Jonathan went past the church and didn't pull in.

So, we decided that this morning, we'd better stop our streak of laziness and get to church.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Our sweet boy had a bit of a shark fascination (er, um, obsession).

The moment he wakes up in the morning or from his nap, he asks to watch whatever his latest shark documentary interest is. We have several shark DVDs, and found a whole collection of shark documentaries on Netflix Instant View.

He's got shark books, and asks us to draw sharks everywhere. He talks about sharks a lot, too. He probably knows more about sharks than the average adult.

So you can imagine his excitement when we had lunch at a nearby restaurant that features a huge aquarium with several small sharks. Unfortunately, we were unable to get a table right against the aquarium ... but he was still able to sit right at the aquarium for a few minutes.

Next time, we'll make reservations for a table in front of the tank.

After lunch, we took him to the gift shop and got him some toy sharks ... and he was thrilled!