Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Christian's Pic in the School Newsletter

It has been a while since we've seen a pic of Christian in his school's newsletter, and so we were excited today to see he was in TWO pictures this time.

I love the face he's amking when his hand is in the pumpkin! :)

Christian's 2011 Birthday Card for Sprout

Our little guy's fourth birthday is tomorrow - I can hardly believe it!

This year's Sprout card is similar to last year's card, in that "Calliou" is the "theme" (the card must feature a character from "Sprout").   I selected this same theme again because Calliou is a four year old kiddo, and the theme song (which is on the front of the card) works nicely for Christian.
I was down to the wire on getting this card in by the deadline.   If I was successful, the card will hopefully air on Sprout sometime tomorrow!  And if it does, hopefully I can record it and post the video online, like last year.

front of card

Inside of card

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

As always, Christian makes me laugh!

For two weeks preceding Halloween, Christian would say - out of the blue - "I don't want to go trick or treating."

As the big day approached, I told Christian he was going to be a train engineer for Halloween.  Since he loves trains, he seemed pretty okay with the idea.

So we got him dressed last night and took him to the part for pictures.  Initially he refused to wear his hat and bandana, saying, "I don't want to be an engineer!!"    But eventually he warmed up to the idea.

Two houses down from ours, several neighbors had gathered to hand out candy.  I carried Christian over there - crying and protesting - with the hopes that he'd get inspired to do a little trick-or-treating.   He was really hesitatn at first, but when he was given three big handfuls of candy, he got very excited, "I GOT CANDY!!!"

He told everybody, "I'm a costume!"   Oh, it was so funny ... he thought he was a COSTUME!   I reminded him he was a train engineer.  So then he'd say, "I'm a costume!  I'm a train engineer!"

I went back home to hand out candy, and Christian and Jonathan went trick-or-treating for a few minutes.   When they returned, Christian was VERY excited to dump out all his goodies - it was so cute.