Monday, August 1, 2011

"Did That Little Girl Scare You"?

Christian was happily riding a tricycle at the Phoenix Children's Museum and went through a pretend car wash.  The path was narrow - not quite wide enough for two trikes.  An impatient little girl came up beside Christian and grunted to him her irritation that she couldn't pass through at the same time.

I quickly stepped in maneuvered Christian and his trike so she could pass through ... but my lil' man was already upset by her behavior towards him - he's very sensitive to being admonished ... by us, or by a cranky little girl.

I said to Christian, "Did that little girl scare you?"   And since then, when he's feeling uncomfortable in a situation, he quietly says to me, "Did that little girl make you cry?"  And that's my cue that he needs a little love and reassuring.