Thursday, January 21, 2010

Crazy Weather

UPDATE: There were two tornado warnings issued in the East Valley ... but we live in the far West Valley up against a mountain. So aside from a ton of rain that formed "Lake Lucero" in the backyard, we didn't see much action.

We had lots of rain Tuesday ... clear day yesterday ... and a ton of rain today. We're talking several inches here in the Phoenix metro area. Our backyard is "Lake Lucero."

And I just saw this:

"PHOENIX – A Tornado Watch has been issued for several parts of Arizona, including Metro Phoenix. The watch continues until 10 p.m. tonight."

The news says we're getting more rain this week than we typically do all year.

Crazy weather!

Monday, January 18, 2010

"Shape" with an Emphasis on the "P"

Christian has really excelled lately at reading / pronouncing / imitating new words. It's really very entertaining!

The other day, he picked up the case for an Elmo DVD called, "Guess That Shape and Color" and he started saying "sh*t ... sh*t."

I was dumbfounded.

It soon occurred to me that he was trying to say "shape," but can't seem to tell the difference between a "P" sound and a "t" sound at the end. I very quickly started over-emphasizing the "P" sound ... but he continues to hear a "t."

It's funny ... but it's not, you know? The last thing I want is to have our two year old walking around and randomly saying "sh*t."

Ah parenthood ... never a dull moment.