Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ever so slowly, our house becomes a home.

I have not yet figured out what my "decortating style" is. Well, not entirely, but if I could have our home look like anything out of the Ballard Designs catalog, I'd be in heaven!

The past three homes we've lived in generally look like tombs. We don't have much furniture, few window coverings and not much at all on the walls. Why? For me, I have to LOVE something before I can buy it (and Jonathan has to love it, too). See the painting on the wall in the first picture? Jonathan's parents got it for us as a new home gift back in Santa Fe. Jonathan and I both loved it, and so they very kindly got it for us (thanks again!). And to this day, it is one of the few things that is on our wall.

Of course, I do find a lot of things I "love," (I could buy up the entire Home Goods store if I had a bottomless bank acocunt). But let's be realistic, I can't have it all ... and I don't even try. I acquire our treasures a very small bit at a time.

We have one picture up of our little family from a couple of years ago - and that is it. We don't even have our wedding picture up anywhere. Why? I just haven't found frames I like for the photos we'd put up on the wall.

When I saw this mirror below, I had to have it. We've got a large wall in our living room that we had no idea what to do with ... it either needed lots of smaller things, or one ginormous piece ... and the ginormous piece won! I waited for months for it to go on sale ... and finally, it did!

The three pieces are super heavy and Jonathan did an amazing job of getting them proper aligned and installed, all while having a very curious little helper who really wanted to climb the ladder and used some tools.

Now, if I could only find picture frames I'm in love with ... :)