Monday, January 26, 2009

I Love Mondays!

Subtitle:. "My Husband is So Wonderful!"
For those of you who don't know, I have one heck of a crazy, busy job. Throw in a very active 15 month old little boy who I must keep happy, fed, content, clean and well-rested while I work and you've got an incredibly busy person ... ME.

Monday's are especially busy for me at work ... and thankfully, Jonathan gets Monday's off from work and is home with us.

On a typical Monday, I'm up as early as possible so I can get on the computer and tackle the work that has already started to accumulate. I stop for a while when Christian gets up and tend to him. Afterwards, Jonathan takes over ... all day long.

He'll typically take Christian and Bella on a long walk ... and then come home and feed Christian breakfast and whip up something for me to eat. Jonathan's speciality is homemade waffles for Christian. He puts in flax seed, blueberries, carrots, zucchini ... or whatever other nutritional food we have in the house. And he freezes the waffles so that later in the week, all i have to do is pop them in the toaster and voila! Christian has a nutritious breakfast to eat!

Christian goes down for a nap at 11:00am, and then Jonathan has some time to himself. He might go running, or read or whatever strikes his fancy - today he baked some bread (no kidding!). But he also usually makes me lunch and brings it to me at my computer. What a guy!

Christian wakes up from his nap somewhere around 2:00pm and he and Daddy and lunch and then play the rest of the day. I love to hear them down the hall laughing and having a good ol' time (and I must confess I'm a bit sad that I'm not part of the fun).

If I'm still working at 5:00pm-ish (and I usually am), Christian, Daddy and Bella go on a long walk while I keep working.

I usually make an appearance for dinner (Jonathan cooks ... or I cook ... depends on the day). And I take a long break for dinner and a little family interaction. When Christian goes to bed, I'm back to work again. Its a mighty long day.

So why do I love Mondays? Because Jonathan is a HUGE help and I get so much work done. He is an AMAZING DAD ... and he does everything on Mondays (he cooks, bakes, changes dirty diapers, bathes, entertains and STILL finds time to read and take a nap himself ... wow!). Such a wonderful husband and daddy!
Jonathan will be gone next week at out-of-state training. We'll all miss our "Monday With Daddy"!
Note: These photos are of Christian learning to read ... no kidding!! Look for info on an upcoming blog post.