Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kids Say Crazy Things!!

Ah, the funny things a kindergartner will tell a random person they don't know. This exchange totally made my day when I was helping in Christian's class today:

Kiddo: My mommy dances with a pole.
Me: Oh?
Kiddo: Yeah, she dances with a pole.
Me: (*not too sure what to say ... so many questions fill my mind*)
Kiddo: But, she only does it at night.
Me: Oh, okay. (And with that, several of my questions were answered - ha! And several more questions are swirling around in my head ...)
I had to work hard to contain my laughter!! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

To Tell the Truth ... or Not ...

I recently bought some pretty new hologram Disco Dust for my cookies.   Ooohh ... aaaahhh!!

Tonight I put Christian (almost 7 years old) to bed, and told him he could read a book in bed until I returned from putting Scarlett to bed.

When I returned to his room - maybe 1/2 hour later - he showed me the significant amount of glitter that had magically appeared on his bed.  I knew exactly what it was, and asked for an explanation.

I got plenty of fictitious explanations - including it was Jonathan (who is working the night shift), and it was his sister (who I had just put to bed). I was just waiting for him to tell me it was the dog - ha!  Every version of the story he told was a bit different.

I reminded him of one of our favorite Berenstain Bears books in which the two little bears tell lie upon lie about an incident and their mom tells them that while she is disappointed over the incident, what makes her even more sad is that her kiddos felt the need to lie to her.  

And I explained to Christian that I am sad he wouldn't tell me the truth.

I can always buy more Disco Dusty (and of course, I will ... love the stuff!), but wow ... raising a child to understand he must always tell his parents the truth - no matter what - is far more tricky than I imagined.  :/