Monday, August 2, 2010

Our Little School Boy

Christian has now been at his new school for a couple of months and is doing great! Although, lately, he's been really anxious about me leaving the classroom. So, the other day, I started to prepare him on our drive, "Christian, I'm going to drop you off and you'll play with Miss Tiffany and all your friends for four hours. And then I'll come pick you up after lunch."

I'll tell him that again in the classroom. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Christian's reaction to my departure seems to depend on how many kids are in the room, how loud it is, etc.

He's surprised me this week by telling me on our drive, "Drop you off ... get you in four hours, after lunch." And he does it at the exact spot in the drive that I usually say it. What a kid! :)

He is teacher tells me that he's really been coming out of his shell lately ... he's playing more with the other kids in the class, laughing a lot and even initiated a game of "Peek-a-boo" with his friends. She also told me that he really likes to clean up, and that he'll even clean up the other kids' messes!

He sits on the potty twice a day at school, though he doesn't produce anything. When it's potty time, his teacher calls the kids to the bathroom individually. She said he often doesn't wait for his name to be called, but makes a beeline for the bathroom and is ready to sit on the potty. He's just as eager to sit on the toilet at home, but again, no production.

We are hoping to get him potty trained by the time he turns three in November, because if he's potty trained when he turns three, he moves onto the next level at school ... and his tuition rate goes down a bit. But, we're letting him take things in his own time. I know boys can take a while.

As Christian Granny has requested, here are some pics of Christian at school.