Friday, November 16, 2012

Christian's New Gymnastics Class

We found a local gymnastics class that a woman runs out of her home.   It is $20.00 a month for a weekly session that lasts 50 minutes.  It was a bit of organized chaos, as there are lots of little girls who know each other ... so they were all playing together, running in and out of the house, etc.

With all the action going on around him, Christian had a difficult time focusing on what the teacher was asking him to do.   Might also be because I was there watching.  So next week, Scarlett and I will go on a walk during class to see if it helps.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Christian's Five Year Exam

Today we took our little FIVE YEAR OLD for his annual doctor exam.  We're seeing a new doctor, Dr. Pyle, and he is VERY nice, very attentive and very interested in our children. 

Last year's appointment with our now-former pediatirican was an absolute disaster.  I don't know if it is Dr. Pyle's warm personality or Christian's maturity a year later, but Christian was a STAR for this exam!  He had no problem stepping on the scale, or getting his blood pressure taken, or his pulse, etc.   All of these things last year were very difficult for him and last year's doctor wasn't any help.

Jonathan had Christian tell the guys at the front desk that his Millenium Falcon's hyperdrive was broken and that Han Solo was missing a finger.  So Dr. Pyle was aware of this situation when he arrived, and played along nicely. 

Christian weighed 40.6 lbs (with clothing on).  As we knew, he's small for his age ... just in the 14th percentile for hight.   Dr. Pyle even commented on how big Christian's head is.  Yep, that's how we grow our children:  small bodies, big heads :)