Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sunny with a Chance of Rain

Those of you who have experienced a rough winter in other parts of the country will get a kick out of this:

The weather forecast for this weekend calls for an 80% chance of rain in the Phoenix metro area. That area is so large, that different sides of our large metro area get different weather. For example: It might be raining cats and dogs in the East Valley, but here in the far West Valley where we live, it is blue skies and not a single drop of rain.

It hasn't rained... here in the Phoenix area for months. Can't remember the last time it rained, in fact. And while 80% chance this weekends makes for great odds, in my experience it might mean absolutely no rain for my own community.

Nonetheless, our son's school has canceled it's golf tournament scheduled for this weekend. Not postponed to see if we REALLY get rain. Canceled.

Nonetheless, the U Pick Citrus Farm has already announced it will likely close, and to check their updates before heading out to get some fruit.

That is how things roll here in Phoenix, I suppose! Now, back to your regularly scheduled winter storm in other parts of the country ...