Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christian's Impromptu Haircut

It all started when I found some hair strangely detached from Scarlett's new Rapunzel doll.

And then in a hairbrush, I noticed some curls the exact color of Scarlett's hair.

Oooh, Mommy was not happy.  I immediately knew what happened:  Christian had taken his new scissors from Christmas and cut Scarlett's hair.  Rather than getting mad at my young lad who surely meant no harm, I turned to Jonathan and said, "You need to be the one to handle this."

We had visitors that day, and so Jonathan quietly took Christian to our bedroom and had a chat.  Christian emerged a few minutes later with an apology for me and Scarlett.

But, then Carrie noticed another piece of hair on the floor and showed me.   It was Christian's hair!  A closer look at his head revealed he'd taken the scissors to his own head, too.

Now I must confess ... for that discovery, I walked around the corner and laughed because I found THAT haircut humorous because I knew the remedy was simple:  Shave Christian's head.

It was bound to happen ... I think most kiddos get a hold of a pair of scissors and experiment on their hair ... or a sibling's hair ... or a friend's hair.

Luckily, Scarlett has so much crazy hair that her little haircut isn't obvious.  I have found a couple of places where it seems the hair might have been cut, but I can't tell for sure.   So that's a good thing!  There will be no cutting of my baby girl's precious curls.