Friday, May 28, 2010

Christian's First Week at "School"

Christian started a new "school" this week: The Goddard School. After over a year of being in Melissa's care, we moved Christian to this new school in our community, as making two long round-trip drives each day had become too difficult. We will be forever grateful to Melissa for the love and care she gave our little boy!

Jonathan and I were a bit nervous: how would he do in a brand new environment? How would he do with a lot of other kids in the room? How would he adjust to a new routine and a new adult in charge?

I am happy to report that Christian had a wonderful first week! YAY!

He did some things that he doesn't do (or won't do) at home:

1. Drank out of a "big boy cup"
2. Washed his hands with soap and water at the sink
3. Sat on the potty (more than once)!
4. Allowed sunscreen to be applied without having a meltdown

Each day, we get a report from his teacher on what he and his class did ... and a special note about something specific that Christian did. The first comment of the week on his sheet was that he sat very quietly for the library visitor and can speak very clearly.

This week at school was all about France (there is a different country each week throughout the summer. Next week is Ireland). The kiddos learned some key French words such as "Merci" and "Au Revoir." They read books on France, built an Eiffel Tower, ate French food, etc.

Both his teacher and the school's assistant director commented on his manners. We have spent a long time (since he could utter his first words) working on "please" and "thank you." And so it warmed my heart to know that he's using these words outside the home without Mommy or Daddy reminding him.

At the entrance of the school is a large monitor that shows various pics of the kiddos from that week. Christian was in a few and looks happy ... and that makes ME happy! What was interesting is that rather than being amused by his own photo on the monitor, he was excited to see his friend from class, Charlie. "Charlie ... Charlie!" he yelled out. Awww ... he has a friend!

I drop Christian off at 7:45am and pick him up at noon, just as he's finishing up his lunch. It's a different routine to get accustomed to: I used to take him to Melissa's and she's feed him breakfast and lunch. But now, I feed him breakfast before we leave for school, and I also pack him a lunch ... and hope that he'll be in the mood to eat what I've given him. So far, so good.

Next week ... Ireland! :)

Chistian with his Elmo "pack-ack" and his Cars lunch bag.