Monday, May 31, 2010

Los Luceros Visit Wickenburg, Arizona

Today we took a drive to Wickenburg.

"Wickenburg? What and where it that?"

Thanks for asking!

Just 60 miles northwest of downtown Phoenix in the northern reaches of
the great Southwest's Sonoran Desert, Wickenburg is noted for its clean air,
good country living, western hospitality, and all-around high quality of

So on a whim, we ventured out to Wickenburg. Although we only saw the "touristy" areas (and not all Wickenburg has to offer), we had a grand time! When you've got a two year old, you've got to do things quick!

Unfortunately, most of the shops were closed because of Memorial Day, so there wasn't much more to do than walk around and stop off for some lunch. There is a nice resort there (maybe next year, as it appears the resort closes for the hot summer months) and apparently plenty of "dude ranches." We think a dude ranch adventure would be great when Christian gets older.