Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our Boucy Castle Weekend

We were invited to two little kiddo birthday parties this past weekend (which meant plenty of yummy birthday cake!). Both parties had "bouncy castles."

Christian had never been inside one before. For the first party, it took him a while to get interested. The little girl he's in daycare with, Abigail (it was her party) walked over to Christian and held out her hands so Christian would jump with her. She just turned two herself, so it was adorable to see her helping Christian have fun.

At the party the next day, Christian knew exactly what goes on in a bouncy castle, and he was having fun from the moment he went inside.

And it was rather convenient that Sunday's party took place at the park across from our house. If you look closely, you can see our house in the background in the pics where Christian is wearing his Thomas shirt.

Ahhh, to be kid again. We might need a bouncy castle for our backyard. Not necessarily for Christian, but for ME! Wow, it's great fun to jump up and down and be silly and laugh like crazy!