Friday, February 29, 2008

"Motherhood Isn't Always Pretty"

... That is the new ad campaign from Suave ... "Motherhood Isn't Always Pretty." The ad goes on to say, "89% of moms admit they've let themselves go. 100% can get themselves back. See how at"

Everytime I see these ads, I think, "Hmm ... I wonder how much I fit into the 89% ..." And then I have all sorts of random thoughts about what it means to let oneself "go."

Motherhood brings on all sorts of changes ... some we new mom's expect, others that take us by surprise. Case in point: I love to shop. I love getting new clothes, new shoes, new makeup, etc. I'm a typical girly girl.

That changed a bit when I was pregnant. I didn't buy shoes because my feet were expanding ... why bother? I only bought enough maternty clothes to get me by. And I decided that when I was done being pregnnat, I'd start treating myself to some new clothes ... and definitely some new shoes.

But shopping for clothing as a post-pregnant woman ... well, its hard. And I have a hard time justifying it nowadays. I work from home five days a week. Not many people see me, and I certainly have enough clothing to get me to the grocery store, or to the Dr., or to church.

So I try to get myself all excited to go clothing shopping ... but a few minutes into my supposed shopping spree, I think, "Shouldn't this money I'm about to spend go for diapers ... or something else for Christian ... or maybe towards a credit card payment ..."

Gasp! This thought who comes from a girl who used to have regular shopping sprees at Dillard's just because I could (pre-marriage, pre-baby).

Another case in point: My recent trip to Sephora.

My sister, Liz, Christian and I went to Sephora ( when we were in Phoenix last month. I love Sephora with a passion ... its like Disneyland for "girly girls." The makeup, the perfume, the lotions, etc. I love it! I could spend hours in Sephora.

Since Sephora is so perfume (and mighty croweded!), Liz offered to keep Christian amused outside the store whilst I shopped

I had no idea what I was going to get myself. I did, however, need to purchase a couple of items for a friend ... so there was a purpose to my being in the store.

As I started moving around the store, I was offered a complimentary make-over. I just about accepted it until that little voice in my head said, "Hello ... Christian and Liz are out in the mall ... waiting ..." As soon as that thought hit me, I lost all interest in shopping at Sephora ... for the first time ever. And I wondered what kind of a mother was I that I left my baby boy out in the mall (albeit with my sister ... remember, she offered).

I promptly made the purchse for my friend and left Sephora without buying a single thing for myself. WOW! And since there is no Sephora in New Mexico, I wans't sure when I'd be at another Sephora

That might count as "letting myself go." :) :)

And then something marvelous happened this week!

I have befriended a wonderful woman named Brooke. I've never met Brooke in person, as she works for a company that my comany does business with that is out East. But she and I have become friends over e-mails and stories shared.

Brooke and I both love Sephora (as any woman would!) and I had shared with her my story about Christian, the mall, and Sephora.

Yesterday sweet Brooke, on behalf of her company, sent me a generous e-certificate to Sephora as a thank you for having worked with them.

I was taken aback at the incredibly kind and thoughtful gift. I never saw it coming ... and isn't life grand when we get such happy, unexpected surprises!?

The wonderful thing about this gift is two-fold:

1. I can shop at here at home, without feeling like I've pawned Christian off onto somebody
2. I can get some things for myself that are totally indulgent, and not feel guilty about it

All day, I've been recalling my trips to Sephora and the many times I have drooled over the catalog ... and remembering the things I wanted to get, but denied myself. Now I can indulge ... HOW EXCITING!

"Motherhood isn't always pretty" the ad says. True ... but a little Sephora can go a long way for a new Mommy ... both inside and out.

Brooke, I thank you again for treating me to Sephora! You have no idea how uplifting your gift is to me ... on so many levels!