Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

Jonathan's birthday was on Sunday, so I'm a little late in getting a "Happy Birthday!" posted for him.

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

Jonathan's parents, brother, nieces Rebecca and Brianna, and niece Ashleigh, her boyfriend Jorge and their kids Lexi and Anthony all came to visit this weekend. So that is my excuse for the late posting. :)

Christian and Brianna

Anthony and Christian
second cousins

Lexi and "Uncle Monkey"

Christian and his "Uncle Eldon"
Anthony and his "Grandpa"

Anthony and Christian again

April Fool's Day ... The Joke that Wasn't

I've had several people who read the April 1 blog entry e-mail me to offer congratulations for being pregnant again.

I thought the statement in parenthesis at the bottom of the entry would clue people into the April Fool's Day joke, but I think they just got so excited to read that I was pregnant that they didn't notice my reference to the date.

So I apologize to those of you who truly thought baby #2 was on its way. If it makes you feel any better, even Jonathan believed it momentarily. :)


A Funny Little Milestone

My baby books talk about how at this point, Christian should be doing "raspberries" with his mouth. He hadn't been and then out of the blue, he started ... and seems to really impress himself with his new-found talent!

Makes for some really wet clothing ... but its oh-so-cute for now!

(As always, the sound quailty is poor ... the camera clicks are too audible and Christian can't be heard clearly. We're getting a new camera soon)