Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Christian's Kindergarten Promotion Ceremony

And that is okay, because ... just before this ceremony, Jonathan and I met with his teacher and the various therapists who have worked with Christian since January.  It occurred to us a couple of weeks ago that Christian wasn't really ready for first grade.   While his reading is well-above grade level, he is behind his peers in many other areas.  

I spoke with several people before making this decision, and all agreed it was a good idea.  In fact, friends I know who are teachers praised our decision noting many times, parents aren't willing to hold a child back.

In fact, we have a unique opportunity:   kindergarten at this school is half day, with the option for "after care" for kiddos who need to be at school for a full day (for example, if both parents work).  We were offered - and eagerly accepted - a full day of school for Christian in the next school year - half his day the classroom setting, half his day in a structured "after care" environment.   And then he would get his various therapies during the after care portion of his day, rather than interrupting his classroom time (which he was starting to decline when a therapist would show up).   

So we are good with the decision and are really exited to see how he progresses next year, with more maturity and familiarity with all he will be presented with throughout the year. 

And besides, kindergarten is FUN!   Who wouldn't want two years of kindergarten, right?   Right!

 Christian sharing he wants to be an inventor when he grows up!

Christian got the "SweetTarts Award" for being so sweet in class to his friends. :)