Thursday, June 24, 2010

109 Degrees: Good Thing We Have a Pool!

The dog days of summer have arrived in the Phoenix area (well, let's be honest .. it's been warm for months). Four months of non-stop 100+ degree weather. Before I moved here, I would always be shocked when I'd see the Phoenix summer temps on TV, but now that we live here, those high temps are just a way of life.

It's similar to a northern Midwest winter, just in the summer: you stay inside mostly and tolerate the extreme temperature for moments at a time, like from your air conditioned car to the air conditioned store, etc.

Today, our community's landscaping crew was outside and I watched them through my office window. The were all wearing hardhats and dark, long-sleeved shirts (why dark??). Those poor guys ... that is a miserable job to have in the summer.

As you can imagine, putting a pool in your backyard is very popular here in the Phoenix area ... so we had to join the bandwagon! :)

Okay, on a much smaller, cheaper level!

There's no way we'd get an in-ground pool. Our backyard is big enough, but wow ... what a liability! Each summer, there are reports on the TV about children drowning ... children who managed to get past the gate surrounding the pool. There is no way I'd ever have an in-ground pool in my backyard.

Besides, they are expensive and require lots of maintenance. And we're perfectly happy having a little pool that is just the right size for Christian (and our feet!).

Look at how happy this kiddo is!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day, Papa!

Happy Father's Day to my Papa!

He's the best Papa in the whole entire world!

You know how some dads just sit back and let the Mommy do everthing? Not MY Papa!!

Here's what my Papa does for me:
  • loves me

  • plays with me

  • feeds me

  • gives me baths

  • tickles me

  • teaches me how to spell new words (did you know I can now spell "poo poo" all by myself?)

  • puts me to bed

  • reads to me

  • prays with me

  • Papa will even change my diaper, no matter how messy and stinky it might be

  • My Papa can make a kite fly, even when there is no wind. He is amazing!
  • Swings with me on the swing (and just taught me how to do it myself!), even though it makes him feel sick.

Sure, my Mommy does some of that, too. But today I am saluting my Papa because it is Father's Day!

My Papa even made my bedroom into a "big kid" room by putting up blinds/curtains, a cool ceiling fan, shelves, a little red table, and hooks for my backpacks:

Thanks for everything you do for me, Papa! I am very blessed that God chose you to be my Papa!

I love you!