Monday, September 3, 2012

Our Trip to Washington

At long last, 4.5 years later, we made our way back up to Washington State.

We weren't sure how the flight would go with two kiddos.  But we had Auntie Liz with us, which meant the adults out-numbered the kiddos.  We were able to take Scarlett's carseat, and so that made the flight much easier, esp. since she slept the entire first leg of the flight.

Our first stop was to visit my Grandpa Kahn, who is 86 and broke his hip back in April, so he's been in an assisted living facility.  He was very thin and frail and I'm so glad we got to see him.  He really enjoyed seeing the kiddos.   We also got to see my Aunt Gayle whom we haven't seen in 12+ years.

After that visit, we headed up north to Ferndale to say for the next few days.

Noticibly missing was one person who has always been there:  my Grandpa Wieland, who passed away in July.  They day after our arrival, several of us gathered to bury his ashes next to my Grandma, who passed away in 2002.  I was the one who placed the cremains in the grave.  It amazed - and saddened - me that an entire person's existence can be reduced to a small, five pound box. 

We were all given an opportunity to put some of the gravesite dirt over the box.  I called Christian over to do that, and explained reminded him that Grandpa Wieland had died and I asked him, "Do you remember where Grandpa Wieland is?"  "Yes, he's in heaven with Jesus."  I was so very proud of him for remembering - and believing - that.

When somebody referred to my Grandpa as "Grandpa Lee," Christian got confused and upset because he thought his Grandpa Lee (who is alive and well in Denver) had died.   Jonathan placed a call to Granny, and though Grandpa Lee was out for the moment, Christian got to talk to him a bit later.

We had a really nice stay.  I love my Grandparent's house and the nearly 40 years worth of memories within.  Our kiddos got to spend a lot of time with their Grandma Janet (whom we hadn't seen since March 2008).  It was fun to see my kiddos doing some of the stuff I used to do.

Christian playing with some really old toys that I played with as a kiddo.

My grandparents' house.

 Mommy, Grandma Janet and Scarlett

Grandma Janet with the Lucero Family

Christian eating right off Aunt Patti's blueberry bush.  Yum!!

Christian and a real John Deere tractor! :)

The traditional tractor ride with Uncle Howard

Visiting with our friends, Ben and Donna Barker!
Christian is missing from the pics because he was sick (threw up twice at the restaurant) and feel asleep at the booth next to our table.   Poor kiddo!  He was sick for the rest of the day, too, so we didn't get out much that day. 

Aunt Patti and Scarlett

Hanging with Grandma Janet

Scarlett's turn on Mr. John Deere

Scarlett under Grandma and Grandpa's Kitchen table

More time with Grandma Janet

Christian hangin' in Grandpa Wieland's chair

Aunt Patti and the gang checking out the cows

Scarlett and Uncle Howard

Scarlett and Uncle Ralph and Aunt Patti

Grandma Janet with some chilly kiddos who are used to hot temps.

Scarlett and her first hashbrowns, courtesy of Grandma Janet

Saying goodbye to Grandma Janet

The Kahn Ladies

On Saturday, we headed to Seattle, and to the aquarium.

Christian holding a real megaladon shark tooth.  Megaladon was the largest shark to ever exist.  If you'd like more information on megaladon ... he can tell you ALL about it!

Auntie Liz and Christian in front of Puget Sound

Miss Scarlett was having a good time!

Ah, Pike Street Market.  One of my favorite places! 

Jonathan drinking his all-time favorite coffee. 

Christian's newest shark for his collection.

We had such a nice trip!  It was great to see friends and family we hadn't seen in years.  The weather was wonderful and provided a welcome relief from the long hot summer we've had in the Phoenix area.

And then it had to come to an end.  We were running late (as always) and very nearly missed our flight home.  Talk about STRESS!   But we made it by the skin of our teeth and had an uneventful flight home.

Score for "Lucero, Family of Four" !!!