Friday, March 23, 2012

The Date Night That Almost Was ...

This is the tale of the date night that almost was, and then wasn't ... then almost was again ... and then kind of was.


Christian's school offers "Parent's Night Out" about four times a year.  The last one was in December, and we haven't had a date night since the baby was born.

Tonight was Parent's Night Out again. The plan was to drop Christian off, and keep the baby with us as we went out to dinner somewhere.   But then Jonathan had a daytrip to California and wouldn't be home.  Drats!
I still took Christian to school ... and then the baby and I headed to JCPenney.   Jonathan texted to say he'd arrived, and was at the airport and he'd get in touch with me as he got closer to where I was at.   The implication was that we'd meet up for dinner somewhere.

Well, Miss Baby Girl started to get fidgety, so we left the store.  Still hopeful that Jonathan and I could have a date, I pulled into the parking lot of a nearby hospital, found a good spot and fed Scarlett.  Funny, I probalby would not have done such a thing with Christian when I was a first time mom.  I problaby would have just gone straight home.

So I fed the baby and started planning to where I'd drive until Jonathan arrived.  But, alas, baby got fussy and I decided home was the best place to go after all.

Jonathan arrived home about an hour afer his initial text.  He and I took the baby to Main Street and walked around with her for a few minutes - smelling burgers and pizza in the air and wishing some of that food would find itself in our bellies.  But there was no time for dinner at that point.

So we picked up Christian and came home.  Another exciting night with the Luceros!

It is important to keep things in perspective, though.  While we didn't get the date night we envisioned, I got to take Chrisian somehwere for a few hours while I got out and about.  And even though I wasn't out for very long ... I was out.   And sometimes a mommy's just got to get out, you know?