Friday, October 4, 2013

The Awesome Dentist Visit (kinda ...)

Today was Christian's regularly scheduled six month dental exam.  Since the last exam saw two of his teeth pulled out, I wasn't too sure how he was going to feel about going to the dentist.  But he was perfectly fine with it.  I didn't have to drag him into the building and he wasn't obsessing over it.

When the hygienist came out to get him, Christian was practically giddy and was chatting up a storm as she took him back (Scarlett and I stayed in the waiting room).

When we were called back, both the dentist and the hygienist commented on how great he did and how very polite he was.  I LOVE that he's polite and well-behaved without being prompted by his parents!

We learned he has a small cavity in-between two teeth.  I must admit, I was crushed at this news.  I had taken pride in the fact that he hadn't had any cavities so far.  But, it is what it is ... we'll go back later so he can have the cavity filled.

We also learned that two more of his front teeth will need to be extracted in the coming months.  Even though he's already missing his two front teeth (well, missing four of the original front teeth, if you count the extras we had extracted six months ago), the adult teeth that will be coming in do not have enough room ... so the other two front teeth will need to be extracted.  I really wish that wasn't the case, as I know the procedure is unpleasant for him (despite their amazing efforts to make sure the kiddos are calm and comfortable).

Additionally, the dentist was really surprised by how "advanced" his teeth are.  That is, he's already got three of four adult molars that children get at a younger age (although, not THIS young, typically).

Christian got to pick a couple of prizes and one was a cute little moustache.  Here's how he looks with it adhered to his face! :)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Cute Little Pumpkin Cookies

This week's cookie decorating adventure was to make cute little mini "pumpkin pie" slices.  The dough was a really yummy pumpkin spice sugar cookie.

I love how these little cuties came out!   I packaged them up in sets of four and delivered them to friends who live nearby.  It was fun giving everybody a small treat and making them happy!