Saturday, March 30, 2013

Coloring Easter Eggs

The Easter Egg Hunt and BBQ

Today was the annual Easter Hunt and BBQ for a play group I belong to.  We had a great time!

Here's the group photo.  I love that Christian is at the top of the play structure and actually looking at the camera.  I figured he'd be long gone by the time the picture was taken.  But there he is!! :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Making of Christian's New Smile

Today was Christian's six month tooth cleaning and exam.  As last time, he went back all by himself while we sat in the waiting room (although the word "sat" isn't appropriate, with Miss Scarlett exploring the entire waiting room, there was little-to-no sitting for the Lucero family).
Below, Dr. Kelly is giving the exam, and we once again discussed his two extra teeth in the front.  Xrays show there aren't two adult teeth coming in to replace them, so our only option is to pull them.
One day in the future.
We agreed it would be best to have her extract the teeth (one day), rather than take him to an oral surgeon, as we planned originally.

We were offered an appointment today, and declined ... instead scheduling for May.  But then we decided, "Why not today?"   But the appointment was taken by that time.   So we scheduled for tomorrow - just to get it done with.  Only thing:  Jonathan must work tomorrow - busy week for him.  But we agreed to tomorrow anyway.
However, before we could pull out of the parking lot, the dentist office called us to say Dr. Kelly could do the procedure RIGHT NOW.  
We told Christian that Dr. Kelly could get his shark teeth out RIGHT NOW and he could take them to school for show and share on Wednesday.   He agreed!   So I got this picture of his smile with the extra teeth before we went inside.

They took him back by himself again, and we were worried for him.  We'd been told that the novocaine shots were uncomfortable, even though they numb the area beforehand.  I rememember the sensation well, myself ... which had me anxious for him.   He was given nitrous oxide to help relax him.
The procedure was over very quickly, and we were called in.  At first I was concerned becasue he seemed to be almost catatonic laying back in the chair ... just staring upwards.  Then I realized it was becuase they were playing one of his favorite movies for him.   Ah ... to be a child! :)

Here he is in the car afterwards with gauze between his teeth.

We went to the store and got some ice cream to mix with some Motrin, since he refuses to take medicine.   I think he caught onto us, because he refused ice cream for the rest of the day.  WHO refuses ice cream??  A kid who has figured out his parents' ploy!
And here he is this afternoon ... minus his two "shark teeth." His gums are pretty swollen and red, of course.
He mentioned his teeth hurting just once this afternoon ... and didn't speak of it after that.  He refused medicine to help with the pain.   He ate dinner normally ... as if nothing had happened.
What a kid!!
He's got school pictures on Thursday, and I'm hopeful the swelling and redness will be down by then.  For now, he's excited to show his friends his mouth, and the two teeth that were taken out.  He's excited, too, for the Tooth Fairy's first visit to the Lucero home!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Visit from Rebecca, Brianna and Kayla!

This week we got a visit from our nieces, Rebecca, Brianna and Kayla - and Kayla's friend, Blaine.  What a treat!

Christian was so funny.  After he got over his initial intimidation of having so many people come to visit, he got into a goofy mood and started to bring out various toys and treasures from his room - one by one.  He'd run into his room and get one treasure, bring it out and give it to somebody (all four girls were sitting on one couch).  He did this over and over and over again until there were far too many toys in the living room.  Silly boy!

Kayla, Blaine and Rebecca, and Miss Scarlett
Christian doing "Just Dance" on the Wii.


You know what makes a person feel old?   Dancing with girls who have rhythm! :)  Even just watching them makes a person feel old.  Oh how I miss my younger days.  


Kayla and Scarlett


Kayla, Rebecca and Scarlett