Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dealing with Telemarketers - The Mommy Way

I am never rude to telemarketers, because I used to be one (which explains why I really don't like to talk in the phone nowdays. I'm probably one of the few women in America who isn't a phone talker ... crazy, I know!). If I choose to answer the phone when a telemarketer calls, sometimes I'll even have a nice, pleasant conversation with them. Its just how I roll.

Today a telemarketer called wanting a bit of money from me and help in mailing out pledge cards to friend and neighbors. The call was legit, but I am not going to give to them money this time.

So I politely listened to her script and when she asked if I could help them out this time, I said, "Actually, I'm not going to be able to this time."

Right away, she followed her script and said, "I understand, Mrs. Lucero, but we really need your help this year. All we're asking you to do is mail out the information we send you to 10 of your friends and neighbors and encourage them to contribute."

I looked down at Christian and was inspired!

I said to her, "Tell me, have you ever had a baby?"

She said, "Yes, I have three children!"

I said, "So then you understand how busy the mother of a newborn is and why I can't help out this year."

She laughed and said, "Yes, ma'am! I sure do understand what its like!"

And with that, she wished me a nice day and stopped pressing me help them out this year and ended the call.

Well, that was easy! :)

Come to think of it, I used a similar tactic the other day when I got my semi-annual call from the NM State Police wanting a donation in exchange for a groovy window sticker. This caller was a man and when I declined, he pushed harder. So I said, "I just had a baby and any extra money we have now goes towards diapers."

He replied, "Oh, I understand how that goes ... I have two kids at home." And then he, too, ended the call without pushing me any further to give money.

Feel free to use my tactics yourself. I won't charge you for the idea. :)