Friday, September 25, 2015

The Many Faces of Christian

Here is what I find after Christian has been playing with my phone ...

Let it Rain!

Rain is ridiculously rare in the Valley of the Sun.

So rare, that our kids don't quite know what to do when it rains - ha!

I had Christian run out a few feet to get wet ... And he immediately had enough of the wet stuff and rushed right back to the porch!

As Summer Winds Down ...

Wait ... Who am I kidding?  Summer won't be winding down for us for a few weeks  still.

But ... We did have a rather cool morning (finally!!!), so we went to a park as soon as we ate breakfast.

The Little Martial Artist

Christian (7) is officially an official martial artist, now that he has the official uniform.

We just ordered his shin guards and gloves.  Its gettin' serious! (No, not really.  The protective gear is now required by his instructor).