Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Christian's Baby Signs Class

We enrolled Christian in a Baby Signs class so we could all learn to communicate using sign language until Christian starts to talk. We were sold at the demo class the moment our instructor's daughter, Briley, started signing to her mom that she wanted some cereal. It was amazing!

The class is 45 minutes and involves singing, a parachute activity, story time, snacks ... and everything involves learning a variety of signs. The kiddos are all younger, and easily distracted (including Christian who several times decided he'd rather crawl off and explore his new world than sit down and participate - and that is fine).

Its fun to see Christian interact with the other kids, and we get to learn the signs and spend the week in between classes trying to incorporate them into our conversations.

Here are some absolutely adorable pics of Christian ... and some with his new friend, Briley.

Monday, October 13, 2008

So Long, Fare Thee Well, Blue!

Yesterday Jonathan's car, "Blue," went to live with its new owner - my sister's boyfriend, Terrill. It hadn't been running, and he got it running and drove it home to care for and love it for the rest of its life.

I must confess, after years of hoping Jonathan would get rid of it, I found myself a bit choked up to see it drive off into the sunset. And I was kind of glad Jonathan was out of town and didn't have to watch it happen. How can you not be sad to see something you've had for 24 years drive away?

Ironically, Honda Civics are among the most stolen cars in the Phoenix area. I said to my sister, "But surely not a 24 year old Honda!" Turns out, even older Honda Civics are a hot item - both to would-be thieves and to owners. People like to restore them, put fat engines in them and show them off. Who would have guessed that little car would actually be considered cool to lots of people!?

Terrill knows people who can help him get the car running and a give it a new paint job. So, we're eager to see what "Blue" looks like in the future.

Congrats, Terrill ... enjoy your new treasure! Just remember there is no A/C and Phoenix gets hot! :)