Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Birthday to Christian

Today, Christian turns the big EIGHT!   It has hard to believe so many years have passed since he first came into this world!!

These days, he's very much into Jack Skellington from a "Nightmare Before Christmas," Legos, and whatever is on TV (this boy LOVES TV with a passion).

His extracurricular are currently marital arts and swimming lessons.

He is very theatrical and has a fabulous memory - he often recites lines from movies with complete accuracy.

And he is a great big brother!   He is never mean to Scarlett ... never retaliates when she does something to him.   And when she is hurt or upset, Christian is right there to see what is troubling her.

Christian is full of compliments for others.  Out of the blue, he'll say, "Mommy, you're my favorite mom!"   Or, "Mommy, you're a really great baker!"   And even a simple, "Mommy, I love you!" comes out with such heartfelt love, that it melts my heart.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Our Sick Kiddo

Poor Christian has had a rough few weeks.  First there was his tonsillectomy in August, and a tough recovery for a few days.

Then after finding blood in his urine the other day, Jonathan took him to urgent care and we discovered Christian had a urinary tract infection (which is rare for boys).

On top of that, he's had a persistent cough for weeks that we assumed was because of allergies.   When we took him in for the UTI follow-up, I mentioned the cough.  Christian's doctor listened to his lungs, and sent him for a chest x-ray.   And we learned Christian has pneumonia ... and there is a concern that he might have asthma, too.

We felt terrible ... we really thought his cough was due to lingering allergies. 

He now has a rescue inhaler that we're supposed to use regularly until his cough subsides.   I wasn't sure how Christian would do with it ... but I am pleasantly surprised that he does well with using it.

Here he is getting his chest xray.  He thought it was really cool that there was a cross projected onto his back.   Silver lining. :)

Monday, September 28, 2015

Friday, September 25, 2015

The Many Faces of Christian

Here is what I find after Christian has been playing with my phone ...

Let it Rain!

Rain is ridiculously rare in the Valley of the Sun.

So rare, that our kids don't quite know what to do when it rains - ha!

I had Christian run out a few feet to get wet ... And he immediately had enough of the wet stuff and rushed right back to the porch!

As Summer Winds Down ...

Wait ... Who am I kidding?  Summer won't be winding down for us for a few weeks  still.

But ... We did have a rather cool morning (finally!!!), so we went to a park as soon as we ate breakfast.

The Little Martial Artist

Christian (7) is officially an official martial artist, now that he has the official uniform.

We just ordered his shin guards and gloves.  Its gettin' serious! (No, not really.  The protective gear is now required by his instructor).

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Flowers for the Teacher

Christian is such a sweet boy!  He LOVES his first grade teacher, Mrs. Keller ... she is amazing!

We were at the store, and there was a display of flowers.  Christian immediately said he wanted to get his teacher flowers!

He doesn't let me walk him to his classroom anymore, so I couldn't witness the moment he gave her the flowers, but I imagine she was delighted!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summer Has Returned ... With a Vengeance!

We sure were blessed to have relatively cool  weather through early June.

But now it is time to pay our dues ... Ugh!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Our New Swim Park

Since moving here, the promise has been that obecday, our community would build a swim park.  They have been building it for just about a year now ... And today officially opened!

We went early in the morning, and there were few people there.  The water was colder than I expected, but I am guessing they were preparing for today's 111+ temps. :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Christian Advances to The Next Level!

Next month marks three years that Christian has been in weekly swimming lessons.  He is definitely an "at his own pace" kind of kiddo, and this last level of swimming lessons seemed to take a long, long time for him to get through.

He has worked really hard and improved a great deal.  And he was just one accomplishment away from moving up.   Unbeknownst to us, they were evaluating him this weekend ... And he successfully completed four widths across the pool and earned a ribbon for completing the "Octopus Class."

This kid lives for getting ribbons ... So he was absolutely thrilled, and we were were extremely proud!!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Our Very First ER Visit

I think it is pretty impressive that we were able to go over seven years without ever having to visit the ER.

That streak of good fortune ended last night.

But let me backtrack:

On Thursday, March 19, I went on a trip while Jonathan stayed home with the kiddos.   Shortly aftger picking Christian up from school that day, Christian started to feel lousy and went downhill from there. 

I noticed that the mom of one his classmates posted that her son had strep throat. When Christian was still sick on Friday, Jonathan took Christian to the doctor to get tested for strep, and sure enough ... he had strep.  He got an antibiotic shot, and we expected he'd start to feel better very quickly.

But he did not.   Christian was tired and lethargic and wasn't eating and was barely drinking. He was also throwing up and unable to keep anything down.  Jonathan kept me continuously updated and it was clear that there was something other than strep going on.

I arrived home Sunday afternoon and Christian barely looked up at me, and then returned to staring at the couch he was laying on. 

By Monday, 3/23, it was clear Christian needed to see the doctor as he had not eaten anything since Thursday.  At our local doc office, his own pediatrician was booked and no other docs could see us.  So we were sent to another doctor at an office that was quite a drive for a 6:20pm appointment.  Christian had lost almost 5 pounds from his well-child exam the week before.  They tested his urine and concluded he was severely dehydrated and needed IV fluids ASAP.  We were told to get him to a pediatric ER.  The doc said the ER should be fine on an early Monday night in March, so all four of us headed to Phoenix Children's Hospital.

Imagine our surprise to arrive at the ER to find it FULL of people.   My heart sank. I knew this wasn't going to be a quick visit.   We arrived at 7:30pm ... and time passed very, very, very slowly.

I was highly annoyed to see non-emergency cases taken up space and hospital staff's time.  Like the kiddo in front of me who had been kicked in the eye at school earlier that day.   Or the kiddo behind me whose mother proclaimed the little girl had chicken pox.  The intake nurse looked and said, "She doesn't have chicken pox ... she has a rash."   I struck up a conversation with the lady and she said that her sister, who has six kids, said it was chicken pox.  And that her neighbor who has five kids said it was chicken pox.     She lifted the little girl's shirt and I said, "She does not have chicken pox.  If she did, it would be all over her body and itching like crazy."    I went on to tell her that PCH has urgent care offices she can visit for this kind of thing and it will cost her way less money.  She replied that it was okay since she had Medicaid and didn't have to pay no matter where they went.


I looked around wondering just how many of the (too many) people in the ER were actually there for an "emergency medical need."  

I looked up one of PCH's urgent care centers, and saw they only had a 15 minute wait time.  When Christian was seen briefly to get his vitals, I asked the nurse if one of their Urgent Care places could do the IV fluids.  She said yes and I thought we would be spared the ER nightmare.  I called the urgent care right away and learned they do NOT do IVs there.   So, we were back to ER madness.

For her part, Scarlett was doing remarkably well ...but as time passed, I knew she'd start getting antsy and tired of being there.   Poor Christian did not want to be there but was too sick and exhausted to put up much of a fight about it.   He just sat there, moving in and out of sleep.

Jonathan started looking up options for getting Scarlett and me home, because it was clear we were all going to be there for hours.   He considered a taxi for him and Christian later, looked up nearby hotels, etc.  Fortunately, my friend who lives around the corner offered to come get us.   And by 10:30, she arrived and shortly thereafter, Scarlett and I were home.

It took forever for Christian to be placed in a room - it was about 12:30am (remember, we arrived at 7:30am - so it took 5 hours to get him into a room).   And as we knew would happen, the IV insertion didn't go well.   Christian screamed bloody murder and they had to call in a very large "gentle giant" nurse to help hold Christian down.

But he eventually settled down and the IV started doing its thing.   When it was done, and Christian was given a drink of Gatorade, Jonathan said he was immediately back to his normal self!  The immediate transformation was surprising and impressive!!

Jonathan and Christian arrived home around 3:30am.    It is now 11:00am, and he is still asleep.   Scarlett came to wake me at about 7:00am and said, "Mommy!  Christian is home ... come look!!"   She was worried about her big brother - it was so touching!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Giving Brother a Little Love

Christian had an appointment today with a podiatrist to see why his feet hurt him.

He was very, very nervous, and Scarlett was genuinely concerned about him. She sat in the chair with him, held his hand, and hugged him so he would feel better.

In fact, she was upset she couldn't go into the x-ray room with him, and got upset when I made her get out of the chair to the doctor could examine Christian's feet.

She stayed by his side, and wasn't going to let anything happen to him.

Scarlett is so mean to Christian much of the time, but when it comes down to it, she loves her big brother and wants to take care of him.

Very proud Mommy Moment!