Saturday, October 6, 2012

Christian's First Solo Haircut

Christian's haricuts have always been a bit traumatic for us all.  He would scream bloody murder and we were always thankful that our hair lady has an incredible amout of patience.

For today's visit, Chrsitian said in the chair by himself for the first time (he's always sat in Jonathan's lap) and he did GREAT!  We kept him talking to keep his mind off the situation, and it worked.

It was the most pleasant haircut we've ever had!!

And you now how we are ... there is a video of the joyous occasion at the bottom of this blog post. :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Little Artist *sigh*

Ah, a marker in the hands of our young lad. Never a good idea.

In the past, when he's found a pen or marker, the next time we see him, he's done quote a job on his body ... ALL over his body.  You would think I'd have learned by now.  Guess I haven't.

We stopped into the new doctor's office down the street the other day, and they gave Christian a magnetic white board and dry erase marker. He asked if he could practice writing his letters, and since the drive home was so short, I agreed.

Big mistake.

I opened the door and he was so very proud of his artwork. I was none-to-thrilled, and let him know. Poor lil' guy went from proud to tears in a matter of moments. I felt badly, but despite how awful it made me feel, I had to stand my ground - it is not acceptable to write on himself, his clothing ... or the car.

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Our Awesome Swimmer

Christian is doing so great with his swimming lessons!  We learned he's the best in his class, and he just needs a bit more confidence before he can move up the the next level.

In the picture below, Christian was getting read to retrieve a ring off the pool floor.
I have a great video of him doing it, but unfortunately, it won't successfully upload.

And he now loves the flog slide at the end of class.  
He now goes down without any prompting from anybody.