Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Luceros are Moving!

Jonathan has accepted a position at Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Plant in the Phoenix area ... so Los Luceros de Santa Fe will soon be Los Luceros de Phoenix (or, more likely, Los Luceros de Buckeye (AZ). Palo Verde is about 50 miles west of Phoenix, and so Buckeye is the best place for us to live.

I'm a bit choked up as I read what I've just typed. I've lived in New Mexico all my life. We built this home we've lived in for the past three years and our views are amazing from this house. Christian was born here in Santa Fe ... our church is here.

But I've longed to live somewhere else for quite some time. I'm always up for a new adventure. So ... yay!!

Jonathan will be starting his job by early September at the latest. So, this move will come very quickly for us.

There are tons of new houses in the "west valley" area of Phoenix. The housing market crashed hard there. So our plan is to rent a home for a year (there are brand new homes out there for very affordable monthly rents) and spend that year checking out various communities to see where we'd like to live permanently.

A huge congratulaions to Jonathan from myself, Christian and Bella.
We're so proud of you and we love you!

We are soooo excited! Check the blog regularly for updates!

Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station

Monday, July 7, 2008

Our Trip to Denver

We went to Denver this weekend to visit Jonathan's family. It was a nice visit ... but all-too-short. With the two travel days of driving to and from Denver, we only have one solid day of visiting. Christian got lots of love from his Granny and Grandpa, Uncle Eldon, Great Aunt Gloria and all his cousins!