Monday, April 16, 2012

The Stillman and McCormack Railroad Park

Today Jonathan joked that I should take the day off from work and we could go out and do something fun as a family.  I dismissed his suggestion at first, because I had work to do.

But then it occured to met hat I work half-time these days ... and I should stop focusing on how much work I can get done, and instead focus on how much fun a part-time schedule can allow me to have.

So we loaded into the car and headed out to Scottsdale.  It's quite a drive, but well-worth it to see how excited Christian got about being there (his first passion?  Sharks. His second passion?  Trains!).

It's a really cute little park and nicely done.  Almost feels like we're not in the Phoenix area, but rather in a little nook of Disneyland (I suppose it seems that way, in part, because the carousel there plays songs from Disney movies).

Of course, the biggest thrill for Christian is getting to ride on the little train

And a good ol' model train room always puts a smile on his face!