Thursday, June 12, 2008

Christian's First Tooth Makes its Debut

The other day, I noticed a spot on Chrstian's lower gums, and I ran my finger across it and could feel a tooth in there somewhere. So I knew it was coming. I was waiting for him to get feverish or cranky ... or drool a lot ... as the tooth progressed. But none of that happened!

Today I was giving him some water from his cup. He was "gumming" the cup, as usual ... and today I heard a "tapping" noise as he did it. I knew right away what it was! I felt on his gums and sure enough ... a cute, precious little tooth has appeared!


Monday, June 9, 2008

A Clever Boy

Christian is so amazing. His mind is constantly working to figure things out and its neat to watch him do it. His latest thing is figuring out that he can lift the rug up - pretty exciting for a seven month old! I was able to capture a few seconds of it today.

Christian's new "Jumperoo" arrived today. It took him just seconds to realize he can jump up and down. He's so very happy! Until now, all of his activities involved laying on the ground in one way or another. So being able to jump up and down on his own is a whole new world. He is all smiles!

And over the weekend, he got very good at sitting up by himself. Here he is today.