Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Other Project - Custom Onesies

Ah, the Onesie ... one of the best baby / toddler inventions, ever. Christian had just about outgrown all his Onesies when I found 3T onesies at the store the other day!

In the past few months, I've had three pregnant friends and so when looking for something unique to give them, I decided to make some cute, custom onesies.

My most recent onesie project was for Christian's teacher. She was having a girl, but didn't like "girlie things" and told me she had decorated the baby's room in "baby skulls." So I set out for a way to decorate onesies with baby skulls ... and I succeeded!

I also went to a little craft fair, and found somebody else had my idea and had custom onesies with skull and cross bones. Although, her onesies feature original artwork, whereas mine are purchased iron-on transfers.

She charged $10.00 for one onesie. I paid less than that for four white onesies (plus the cost of all the iron-on transfers, of course). So, if I were ambitous enough, I could make several of them and sell them on Etsy.

Still pondering that opportunity.

And I happened to come across an adorable Hello Kitty iron-on transfer, so I made a shirt for myself, too! :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Little Furniture Project

There's a blog I absolutely L.O.V.E.: "Better After" (check it out under my favorite blog list on the right).

I love seeing how people transform an ugly piece of furniture (or a room) into something absolutely dreamy. And I vowed that if I ever came across a piece of furniture I though had potential, I'd try my hand at refurbishing it.

And so I walked into the Goodwill store in Scottsdale when we were in that part of the Valley. This particular Goodwill store is the first of its kind: it's sole focus is furniture.

And that is where I found this little treasure and paid just $18.00 for it!

I love the shape of it, and the metal grate on the door. And it just screamed, "Fix me!" Much to my surprise, Jonathan was on-board with the idea of turning this piece into our little treasure.
So we bought a smaller sander, and I got to work.

We're trying to figure out where it'll go ... and the location will help to deside what color I paint it.
I'm thinking some shade of white, and then I can "glaze" the various grooves and scrolls to make them stand out.
The exciting thing is that my favorite catalog, "Ballard Designs," sells similar pieces of furniture from $300 and up ... and I paid a mere $18.00.
So stay tuned for the final reveal of my handiwork!!