Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Here's to Long Weekends!

Ah, the coveted "Three Day Weekend." No matter what you do with the three days, the weekend is worth its weight in gold.

We kinda just hung out ... went to church, went on some walks, etc. We just enjoyed being a family.

Huge kuddos to Jonathan who devoted a lot of time this weekend to closing "Le Chatel Lucero: A Pigeon's Paradise." A family of pigeons had made their home under our master bedroom deck. There they lived for well-over a year ... making a HUGE mess on the deck. Nasty.

Jonathan removed the deck planks, and cleaned up all the nastiness underneath ... including a dead bird. EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW! But that is what daddies and husbands to: they clean up gross messes and dead birds and kill spiders.

He blocked their entrance to get under the deck, so after a few days, we're hoping they discover a new home elsewhere. They are still hanging around on the roof wondering what has happened.

We discovered this weekend that Christian can drink out of a regular cup! As stated in a previous blog entry, we're by-passing the bottle thing with Christian and going straight for the sippy cup. He's gotten quite good at grabbing the sippy cup and putting the spout in his mouth and gnawing on the spout ... which gets some water into his mouth. But he quickly loses interest and moves onto the next exciting distraction.

Concerned that he wasn't getting enough water, I decided to give a little cup a try. And it worked! He knows to seal his lips around the cup and to swallow. I was amazed! He enjoys the water and reaches for the cup to get more. So now I feel better knowing that he's getting some water in his system.