Saturday, May 2, 2009

Christian Turns 18 Months Old

Happy 18th Month Birthday to Our Sweet Boy!

Today was the big day. Christian caught some kind of bug at daycare yesterday and had been throwing up ... so there was no celebratory cake for our little guy.

Christian is just such a joy for us! He's happy, curious, energetic and full of life and laughter. He likes taking baths, and will brush his own teeth (though, he won't Mommy do it for him ... EVER). He goes down for naps without a fuss and sleeps for 3 -4 hours. He goes to bed at 8:00pm just find and dandy and wakes up close to 6:00am.

He's still a very picky eater, so we just do the best we can. But he drinks his milk and water like a champ, and for that we are grateful.

And it goes without saying ... CHRISTIAN LOVES ELMO!

His "reading" continues to make progress. If we hold up a card that reads, "bellybutton," Christian will lift up our shirts in search of a bellybutton. And we don't even have to say the word ... he READS the card - no kidding! We finally convinced him that he has a bellybutton, too. So, he likes to sit down and lift up his chubby belly and find his very own bellybutton. Its adorable!

He likes to walk along with his push car ... and is still working on standing on his own without the help of a wall or furniture. When he stands up, we give him a ton of praise and smiles and say, "Do it again!" And he'll get excited and stand up again. He's not walking on his own yet.

Christian is doing really great at daycare. All I have to say is, "Let's go see Melissa!" and he gets all excited and rushes downstairs so we can go. It is so cute to walk in and see him sitting at the table eating lunch with three other kiddos when I arrive to pick him up from daycare!

Christian is making new noises lately ... lots of "ma ma ma ma ma ma maaaaaaaaa" and "me me me me me ..." and "rah" and "buh buh" (which can be bubbles, or bath or bye-bye ... depends on the context.

And he calls Elmo, "Aden." Not sure why. When we say "Aden" back to him ... he doesn't know we're talking about Elmo. But if we say "Elmo," he knows exactly who we are talking about.

So he says "Aden" and we say "Elmo" and therefore, much of the time what comes out of my mouth my mistake is "Eldon." And Eldon is Christian's uncle ... so it makes me laugh every time I accidentally say "Eldon" when referring to Elmo.

Christian has his 18 month exam with a new doctor on Monday. I'm sure I'll have lots to report, so stay tuned!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

A Little Practice Walking

I bought Christian a little car he can push so he can practice his walking skills, as he's still not walking on his own. He really likes his new car, so it's a good start!

Christian's beloved Elmo is always a nice "lure" to get him to cross the room. :)