Thursday, November 12, 2009


For many babies, their first word is "Mama" or "Mommy." Early on, Christian would randomly say "Mamaaaaa maaamaaamaaa," but it was never directed towards me. It was just a random sound he liked to make.

Actually, his first word was "Bubble."

For quite some time, he's been saying "Papa," and even doing the sign for Papa. But still no "Mama." Although, if you asked him who or where Mama is, he knew it was me.

Recently, Christian has been calling me "Me." So ... he had the second half of the word.

So you can imagine my DELIGHT when Jonathan said, "Come check this out! Christian, say Mommy."



It was music to my ears! MOMMY!!!!

So that was yesterday. And today when I picked Christian up from daycare, Melissa told me Christian was walking around all morning, "Mommy ... mommy ..." just repeating the word at random.