Monday, June 3, 2013

Butterfly Wonderland

Today we met up with Auntie Liz in Scottsdale to check out the brand new "Butterfly Wonderland," which is America's largest butterfly atrium.   And it is AWESOME!!!
It is incredibly challenging for an amateur like me to get pics of butterflies in-flight.  Which is too bad because there is a GORGEOUS blue butterfly from South America whose wings close when not moving and you can't see the blue at all.
Christian was frightened by the butterflies as they flew by him, despite my many explanations that they couldn't possibly hurt him.  Scarlett, on the other hand, just liked to watch the action.

Got a shot of this blue butterfly before it closed its wings!!

 I learned a little something today, too - kind of representative of life, I suppose.  I was spending a lot of time trying to get the perfect picture of these beautiful butterflies.  So much time looking through the tiny viewfinder on my camera to appreciate the "big picture" that was surrounding me:  countless butterflies peacefully fluttering all around.  A gorgeous site to behold.  
I noticed a couple of older ladies sitting on their respective benches, just absorbing the beauty and calmness around them.  Just smiling and watching.  *
I've always got my camera with me - either my Canon or my smart phone camera.  I am always eager for that perfect photo to share with my blog readers, or on Facebook and I typically don't stop to just enjoy the moment.  I plan to do so more often - there's a lot to see in this world and I need to be mindful of not missing so much of it!
(*of course, these ladies didn't have a five year old and a 17 month old to keep track of, either ... ha ha!!)