Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Few Nice Surprises ...

With the days getting shorter, during the week we are only able to get to the house as darkness is falling. Tonight I needed to go to Walmart anyway, so we decided to check out the house while we were out and about.

The first nice surprise was seeing the nice stonework on the house. We forgot it was going to be added ... and certainly didn't thing there would be so much of it. Very nice!

The second nice surprise was to see how big our backyard is really going to be, now that they've started putting up the perimiter wall. Sure, we could always see how much yard was there ... but we assumed it would feel small once the wall went up. However ... it feels HUGE. The thought of making our backyard beautiful over time is exciting, yet a bit overwhelming. But it's nice to know there is so much space and so much potential.

The third nice surprise was meeting some of our new neighbors at the park across the street. We don't have any immeidate neighbors just yet, but we met two families who live down the street and they also have younger children (looked like there were four kids between the two different families). There were too many names mentioned during the introductions, so I only remember the name fo the dog - ha ha!

The boxes of cabinets were sitting in the garage, so I imagine tonight is last time we'll be able to get into the house after-hours. I'm certain once they start installing the cabinets, they will completely lock up the house at night.